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Tips on how to prepare for Summers holiday season even on a budget




Summer is my absolute favourite season. However, is it just me, or is this summer like on some crazy heat wave ish??? anyways. . . Here in the South of Africa this is the arrival of our festive holiday season, which is why I love it even more. The best way for me to spend my summers would be to have extra time and finance to do more outdoor activities and travelling, but, to be honest times are getting tough and pockets are being clenched even tighter. So I have a few helpful tips for you to still enjoy your holiday season and summer on a budget, yay!

1.    Get a side hustle

I find that depending on one source of revenue can be ok . . . but why not open up another stream of income to get extra cash into your pockets? Think of other creative ways to generate cash. I am not the side hustle queen, but I’m well on my way there. Who knows maybe at some point you will earn enough cash to actually turn it into a full time business.

2.  Make an outings and holiday piggy bank

So now you have considered extra ways of generating cash, why not open a savings with part of those funds?  You could save up for your summer outings, after paying your major bills. . . ok in fact all your bills! lol.

3. Plan your major outings and holiday accommodation in advance

When it comes to accommodation, the introduction of companies such as Airbnb and others, you can save a whole lot, and actually find a place with a lovely vibe. You literally have a wide variety of locations to choose from at a great price. Plus with the ‘experiences’ option on the app you are not just limited to accommodation, but also some really cool things to do around the area you choose to stay during your trip. Look out for discounts and specials. You may also benefit from booking off season. So wait for the rush and heavy inflation to pass then book your trip, trust me you will save quite a bit, a couple of hundredssss in fact.

4. Get clued up on what’s out there

Sign up for some newsletters with gig guide companies e.g in my area it would be JHB-Live. They always keep you informed on events happening in your area so you don’t have to feel left out, whose the plug now? Plus make use of promotional activity online e.g some events give out discounts on their social media. Instead of only doing a background check on your new potential bae, why not also do one on your favourite restaurant? one you’ve been planning to check out, hood market or gig guide to see what they are up to and offering for the month.

5. Clean out your wardrobe, make way ,plus earn extra cash

Ok cleaning out your wardrobe, this should have been done in spring! lol let go of the old and welcome in the new. There’s nothing more refreshing than a new summer wardrobe, plus of course some features of last seasons items. Sort your wardrobe, remove your winter items and pack them away. Give away all the clothes that you have never worn and will never wear. Be brutal with this process and take out your clothes that are old and are no longer give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

I was shocked, I  cleaned out my wardrobe 3 times in 2018, and I was surprised how much I pulled out each time. I also noticed that each time I was more brutal than the last, and just started getting rid of stuff much quicker. After doing this my clothes actually fit in my wardrobe (what an achievement, my clothes have never fit in one wardrobe), it was so weird even when the laundry basket is half full or half empty! lol ( I say LOL a lot, someone help, even in 2019). Doing this helped give me so much clarity in my shopping process, because I now actually know what I have and what I need in my wardrobe. I found items I forgot I had! lol, and now I was ready to coordinate and create the cutest summer outfits.

Ok so finally to the conclusion as to why this section is even being listed lol: so what I do also is sell of my old items of clothing to thrift stores you won’t make much out of it, but, its enough to probably buy a new item or two or to use towards your summer outing. Google some of these places around your area and do some research. Or if that’s not your kinda thing, just bless someone else and give them away to someone in need.

6. Switch up or incorporate additions or subtractions to your beauty regime

Relook your body products, reason being its a change of season e.g for my face since its summer I prefer to use lighter and less oilier products because my face tends to be a bit oilier in the hotter seasons. We also sweat more so you don’t want to pile a whole lot of products on your skin. The rest of my body is just dry throughout the year, so I use the same body moisture process throughout, however I change it up with different scents so maybe some really lovely bright and vibrant body spritzers or perfumes. For great body spritzers try looking at the body shop plus you have so much choice. Also guys don’t forget to exfoliate we want your skin to be glowing this season not looking dull. Please use sunscreen even if you got extra melanin on yah mmh mh I see you. With some subtractions to some products you could save a bit of cash that could go straight to your holiday piggy.

Follow these tips and enjoy your summer, even if you don’t follow these tips and choose some, still enjoy your summer. If you follow none then you are already rocking summer in your own way!


Here are some pictures that summed up my holiday season, it was so much fun!










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