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Delicious overnight steel cut oats





I only tried this recipe a few weeks ago and I’m hooked I absolutely love it. It’s super easy, so quick to prep and very versatile. The point with these oats is to keep them overnight so they soak up all the goodness. This recipe is really convenient because all the prep is literally done the night before (which literally takes 5mins)  and left in the fridge. All you have to do in the morning is add your garnish for a muesli taste (can be a bit chewy) or just heat it up for 5 mins or so on the stove top for a slightly softer texture. You can make a whole batch and put the oats in the freezer, I personally haven’t tried this as yet, but I got a feeling that after soaking the oats overnight its better to cook them, then let it cool down, then freeze, it all comes down to what texture you are trying to achieve.  As mentioned this recipe is also versatile you can make it in so many different flavours by adding different ingredients to the base recipe which is the soaked steel cut oats, I love adding fresh fruits, roasted crunchy coconut with a small drizzle of honey in mine, just gives it a lovely fresh taste with texture. One other thing to remember is that the oats you should use should not be instant steel cut oats, this is because they won’t soak as well and will probably turn into mush. My fav gluten free oats are from a brand called wholesome earth they are a brand of all-natural health foods, they focus on high quality products that are free of  artificial additives, flavouring, colourants, preservatives and GMOs. Their oats are 100% gluten free, amazing! These oats have honestly been the best thus far and also very affordable despite being gluten free.  If you happen to be reading this and aren’t gluten intolerant you can also just use normal gluten steel cut oats and achieve same results.



Soaking the oats

I used lactose free milk to soak the oats, reason being I’m lactose intolerant, I can get away with a bit of dairy here and there but only in small doses. Using almond milk is also a fan favourite for this recipe, but then again I can’t eat nuts in abundance either (my life) so yea . Other recipes however mention that almond milk is even nicer because the oats soak in better and gives a nicer flavour.

If you want to eat the oats raw after soaking make sure to soak the oats for over 10hrs, you can even soak it longer e.g 2 days it should end up getting a softer texture. If you want to cook it  a bit before eating then overnight is alright.

I soak my oats in Tupperware and close it up put in the fridge.


Let’s get it started

This recipe is just for the oats base feel free as mentioned to add any other garnish or other ingredients before eating just to switch it up. Below the recipe I will also leave some suggestions of how you can tweak the recipe up for some variety.


Raw eating method

Once you are satisfied with the texture of your oats after leaving them in the fridge overnight or for a few days, transfer them into a bowl and garnish.



Stove top method

Once soaked remove from fridge and put in a pot cook for about 5 mins add in extra milk for extra creaminess if preferred let it cool down slightly and then garnish and enjoy. If you added the sabja seed prior then remember not too over cook the oats. If you want a slightly more cooked version I would recommend doing the seeds separately and then transferring them into your oats.





Extra flavour ideas:

Make a peanut butter and banana one by mixing in peanut butter to the oats after the soaking and cooking process, add some roasted coconut husks and voila.

Try adding some seeds in, or puree e.g pumpkin puree with seeds and cinnamon, this is a great flavour  for Americans at the moment since its fall.

Another idea could be using vegetables, and in finely grated carrots, raisins some nutmeg and other spices you might like.


And there you have it ! Delicious Gluten free steel cut oats.


You will enjoy this recipe as much as I do and will probably become hooked. It’s just too easy.







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  1. Old-fashioned rolled oats can get soggy if they sit much longer than overnight, whereas I can make a big batch of overnight steel cut oats and keep leftovers for several days.

    1. Unblushing says:

      Right, they are amazing.

  2. This was my first overnight oats attempt (I prefer cooked oats), but have to say I was delighted! I decided that if I was going to put this into my regular breakfast rotation, I would try powdered peanut butter instead and reduce the amount of fat and calories. It wasn’t quite the same (after all, is there anything better than peanut butter?), but it was a very acceptable alternative. I used 2 heaping tablespoons of the powder, a dash of salt, and a little extra almond milk and it turned out great! I recommend giving it a try if you love the flavor of peanut butter, but not all the fat and calories that go along with it!

    1. Unblushing says:

      Thats an interesting alternative,I also haven’t seen powdered peanut butter on the shelves. But I am going to consider trying it, it’s really fun playing around with all the different flavours. Thanks for the tip.

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