Unblushing is an open platform for us ladies to connect and share when it comes to all things we love. Be it fashion, beauty, food, travel, love and just lifestyle in general. This content is best served fresh! through videos where we interview other lifestyle bloggers, makeup artists and aesthetic Drs who deal with skin and beauty, articles written by travel bloggers, to fashion shoots where we share fashion tips and showcase styles that you can even shop. Sounds exciting right? So let us be your guide when it comes to all things lifestyle.


Brains Behind Unblushing

About Kim Shongwe

Lifestyle blogger/vlogger and entrepreneur founded Unblushing in May 2017, aimed at sharing lifestyle posts for women alike.



I have always been interested in fashion, beauty, food, actually a bit of everything that can get my creative juices flowing. I remember in primary school I would dress up my friends in dresses which I made from small offcuts of fabric from my Mum and Granny. We would then proceed to have a full on photoshoot, makeup and everything. I enjoyed calling them over for lunch to share what new recipes I invented in the kitchen that week. In high school I designed my own brand of street wear called hot chrome and took part in competitive fashion shows. I worked as a part time makeup artist to friends that needed my help!lol. I then went to university and studied Clothing Management at the University of Johannesburg. This gave me a grasp on the manufacturing industry as well as the business side of fashion. It really opened my mind to the industry and how it works, how everything in clothing manufacturing comes together. I used my skills and did a buying internship at Woolworths head office in Capetown. I then moved back to Joburg got my Degree and got a job at Edcon started out as an intern and then an assistant. Working with some of their in-house brands as well as sport brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma. However after sometime I became restless within the office environment I needed to spread my wings, so I packed up my desk and got a part-time job. Despite being restless in my previous job it was a great learning curb for me, it opened up the gates to this world they call the ‘fashion industry’. 

Part-time I now work as a fit and measurement model in a QA dept and I continue to learn about the industry. This leap of faith has given me the needed free time to work on my brand and other business ventures. I listened to my spirit and decided to revive the inner hustler. During this process and different stages of my life Unblushing was born. 

Unblushing lifestyle was created because I wanted a space to share my interests and experiences with other woman alike. I created it to be a space where we can all learn from each other on different topics. It is created to be engaging and also speak on what we as woman maybe tackling when it comes to conversations on beauty and body. Overall I wanted to present this content in a creative and entertaining way and this blog best represents that.