Holiday-ing in Thailand Food and Views

Travel and Food post! check out what I share from my trip to Thailand. This trip was a few years ago but I thought why not share the lovely adventures from my trip, it’s never too late.

An easy and delicious breakfast solution! Yum

These overnight oats will take your breakfast to the next level! Get the recipe

Yummy Gluten free overnight steel cut oats, I have been hooked to these oats they are so delicious and easy to prepare. what if I told you it literally takes 5mins to prep.

Gluten free overnight steel cut oats

I only tried this recipe a few weeks ago and I’m hooked I absolutely love it. It’s super easy, so quick to prep and very versatile. The point with these oats is to keep them overnight so they soak up all the goodness. This recipe is really convenient because all the prep is literally done the night before (which literally takes 5mins)  and left in the fridge. All you have to do in the morning is add your garnish for a muesli taste (can be a bit chewy) or just heat it up for 5 mins or so on the stove top for a slightly softer texture. You can make a whole batch and put the oats in the freezer, I personally haven’t tried this as yet, but I got a feeling that after soaking the oats overnight its better to cook them, then let it cool down, then freeze, it all comes down to what texture you are trying to achieve. continue reading…

It’s My birthday, 27

It is my birthday, so excited. I just decided to share a bit about my journey (long, lol a whole 27 years) to 27, short and simple this year, check it out

Plus I did a collab with up and coming self taught makeup artist @noni_her to help me with my makeup inspiration for my makeup birthday party look. This years theme was inspired by my favourite colour which is Fuchsia. I will post a video up later of the tutorial but for now check out the make look.






How I’m learning to roll with the punches!

Theres nothing we can do to change certain situations in life. I’m still learning how to deal with what life might throw my way and how to adapt. I thought it might be interesting to share how I’m teaching myself how to relax, refresh and recharge. But to make it more interesting I had a discussion with some of my closest friends on how they deal and manoeuvre their way through the occassional abyss of life.

post coming soon!











Fall in Love with Summer!

Tips on how to prepare for Summers holiday season even on a budget



Unblushing ft Mahyeli

Afro-head: I had the privilege of meeting Fatima the designer of Mahyeli culture clothing . I feel in love with her style of designing and the style and quality of fabrics she used for each piece designed. She shared with me how she came about designing and where she draws her inspiration from. She was born in Cote D’Ivoire and this plays a big role in her style. Check out My favorite  styles from her range as well as her story of how she started Mahyeli Culture Clothing from ground up.









How Flare you

The bell sleeve. Even though in terms of trend the flare bell sleeve maybe losing popularity, I however still like how it adds a bit of drama and “flare” to any look. Take a look at some of my fav flare looks!



Beauty in Simplicity

This is one of my favorite looks, every item is bold and draws attention without appearing to be loud and chaotic. Sometimes simple and stripped down is best. Take a look at more pics from this look!






Tropical Summer

I really look forward to summer. One of the reasons is because of the fashion and being able to show off your legs, lol. Besides being able to walk around half naked, the summer colors are just so much fun! Take a look and pics from this look!