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Unblushing by Kim x Tamzy Tingz

Hey Ladies.

So as you know Unblushing was created as a platform for ladies to be able to share and learn from each other. It’s a platform where you can be yourself, learn from other ladies teach other ladies and not be shy while doing it.

Sticking true to this I have finally introduced a new segment to the blog which is the Beauty feature. Who doesn’t like themselves some beauty tips and advice here and there!

To start us off with some fresh content I introduce to you Tamara. She will be sharing her content through her youtube Chanel Tamzy Tingz. I really am excited to be working with her and doing this collab. What really makes her a fit for this beauty segment is her story and what motivated her to begin sharing this story with other ladies.

So enjoy this new segment Ladies! Also check out the intro video below so you can learn more about Tamara and know what to expect when it comes to her future posts.


Message from Tamara:


Hey guys I am Tamara AKA Tamzy Tingz.  I am so excited about this collage with Unblushing by Kim. I will be featured in the beauty section of the blog where I will be showcasing all things beauty with a little bit of comedy and randomness. I hope you enjoy my content and I’ll catch you at my next video.

xoxoxo Tamzy Tingz



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