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Disaster full face beat attempt that came out ok! by Tamzy Tingz

Man oh man, where do I start with this video! Let me just say, this was one of the most stressful videos I’ve made so far. This is because of how new this type of makeup is to me and also my mom was rushing me LOL.  As stated in the title, I attempted to do a full face makeup beat with some drugstore makeup I picked up, which was quite the process.
Everything just looked a little crazy and I honestly look like a ghost throughout the making of this video up until I sprayed my setting spray. I used the wrong concealer to contour which left me super confused but it all seemed to come together in the end. I tried to incorporate as many bloopers as I could, but I didn’t want to make the video too long because I know how annoying long videos can be, but I do hope you enjoy this video and are grossly entertained!



P.S. I know that I definitely didn’t do the whole “ face beat” correctly and this video portrays that, but I have learnt a few more things so I will be posting another updated full face beat video soon😂I hope you enjoy and I’ll catch ya at my next one. 😘

xoxo Tamzy Tingz

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