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It’s my birthday!! 26 LESSONS I’VE LEARNED FROM LIFE





I realize I have graced into my adulthood, a few stumbles here and there,  scoldings, mistakes  etc etc, but hey I am still alive and well and I thankfully have made it another year.

Throughout the years I have learnt a lot but I feel as if being 25 kind of gave me more of a wake up call. It is the age where I felt like omg I’m 5 years away to 30 and made me feel like I need to be more independent. This is the age I left my previous job  started my blog and rekindled my passion for business. I realized so much more about myself at this age.

So today I turn 26 I thought why not share my lessons and realities that I have come across over the years.



I am braver than I thought. At 25 I feel like I really pushed myself and did things I never thought I would have had the guts to do. In that process I learnt so much about myself and how much I can actually do, if I don’t let fear take over or cripple me.


If you have a knack for business and feel stuck doing something you feel like is not meant for you e.g office job and your a creative (no offense to others who are, this is just if you know its not for you) just take a leap of faith, which leads me too


Theres never a right time. I always use to have excuses for everything like no I will do it when the climate is right or when I earn more or when I finish this or that, no I realised there is never a right time.


Not all opinions are golden. Sometimes I feel as if we rely too much on peoples opinions at times. We do this because we need some kind of reassurance even though you know the answer deep down, you might just be too scared or too worried about what other people might think. If you know what you want to achieve and know your end goal just go for it and don’t let too many opinions cloud your judgment. Fine maybe get opinions from a few close people you may trust, but never forget your end goal.


Family is everything as cliche as it sounds. My family has been my pillar and I do have a few close friends that I consider to be my family you know yourselves.


Take some time out to unwind. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we just forget to unwind and give ourselves time out just to relax and remember the simple joys of life.


Your diet is important especially the older we get guys, I have learnt this first hand with all my eating intolerances. You have to look after your body in order for it to work effectively and work for you . Fine have days where you eat your super fatty foods, but the most important thing is listen to your body it gives you all the signs.


Don’t ever get distracted and so caught up in life to the point where you lose sight of your goals or your passion.

keep the fire burning. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut.


This one is really random but read the fine print!!


Remain humble.


Be yourself at all times.


It is ok to get nervous, just don’t let it take over.


Share and talk to people who care about you and have your best interest at heart, you may realize that they also have gone through what you have or have wonderful sound advice.


Every year thank God for blessing you with another year.


Take leave on your birthday. It is not always possible but when you can do it. Its always nice to give yourself recognition and time out on your birthday. I certainly never wanted to go to the office on my birthday everybody, (besides the office sweetie pies) says happy birthday and then moves on with their lives and your boss still needs that report. So take the day off, go take a walk, if you planned book a day at the spa or do something you haven’t done before.


Accept love in your life.


Be open to learning new things all the time, we are never done learning.


Life has ups and downs, what counts is what you do once you get up and learning from our downs – (that one is cool) me.


The mind is so powerful, be careful what you feed it. nurture your mind.


Give whatever you can whenever you can. Help others.


Your life is what you make of it. You write the chapters so make it exciting.




If you are in a relationship, find time to show them how much you love and appreciate them. It’s the small things that count.


If you have the chance travel! travel! travel! life is short and the world is beautiful. Start a savings for a dream destination you would love to go to if you can. Explore the world, amazing things await.


It’s ok to be quirky a bit different or slightly weird


Trust yourself and always remain consistent in everything you decide to do or learn.


just one extra


27. Love yourself and thank yourself appreciate your accomplishments you wouldn’t have done it without you. 


25 you’ve been great thank you for everything! its now time to make way for 26!

Thats just a few things I’ve come to learn in my life journey! maybe yours has been different since we are all different or we share some similar lessons! share some of yours with me I would love to hear some.


Thanks for reading.



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  1. Hi Kim! Thanks for sharing your life’ s experiences! What a beautiful journey! As I read I say to myself how mature you are and so accomplished at 26! I wish you all the best for your birthday and may life gives you more u might dream of! Xxxxx

    1. Unblushing says:

      Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Everyone loves it ᴡhen folks geet togetheг and share tһoughts.
    Gгeat blog, cntinue tһe good woгk!

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