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Check out my DIY Ginger and Turmeric foot scrub as well.



Body scrubs Body scrubs Body scrubs !

This is how I keep my skin smooth and soft especially in winter.

I use body scrubs, at least twice a week. It locks moisture into my skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and radiant. The best part is the results are immediate. 

So what is a body scrub exactly? Well if you’ve never heard of it, It is basically a cosmetic preparation, which is applied to the skin in order to cleanse the skin. This is done by removing the surface dead skin cells on the body. 

My favourite body scrub to use which I have been using for ages now is the mango sugar scrub from the body shop (afterwards I smell amazing, like a lovely ripe sweet mango the entire day), sorbet foot scrub as well as some  super easy homemade remedies e.g the above video – ginger and turmeric. Other ways of scrubbing your skin could be to use dry brush or loofah. An new way of using the loofah is actually having the loofah in the soap bar, this just makes scrubbing your body so much easier. It works really well I love it. If you can’t find it anywhere around your neighborhood you could try to make it yourself. 

Benefits of using a body scrub 

As mentioned it exfoliates the body and removes dead skin cells. So why is it important to remove these dead skin cells? Well firstly why would you want to walk around with layers of DEAD skin cells on your body!lol ok on a serious note our skin is able to shed old skin cells and regenerate new ones. There are many reasons why skin cells build up e.g ageing, skin conditions, not using the correct cleansing and moisturizing products but that’s a story for another day! Going back to exfoliation, without regular exfoliation, you can end up with clogged pores, which block moisture from getting into the deeper layers, and creating a hard, unattractive exterior.

Other benefits:

  • Enjoy smoother skin
  • Reduce the chance of an occasional breakout on your neck, face or back
  • Help reduce the appearance of dark spots or age spots
  • Minimize the appearance of large pores
  • Get smoother elbows, knees and ankles
  • Allow your moisturizer to work better
  • Help prevent ingrown hairs and make hair removal easier
  • Smooth razor bumps


So do you own a body scrub? If so share your favourite ones with me! or share your best home made recipes.


Ginger & Turmeric foot scrub



Body Shop Mango Sugar body scrub


Soap with loofah inside the bar of soap


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