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Holiday-ing in Thailand Food and Views


Thailand Food Adventures in Phuket


We landed in HKT airport filled with excitement, hopped off the plane and we were just smacked with the heat. We were already introduced to extreme heat prior,  because of our layover in Doha, Qatar, extreme crazy heat! The first thing on my mind was to get to the hotel, check in, get a nice cool refreshing drink and chill by the pool. The resort we booked was really beautiful, Karma royal boat lagoon, our accommodation was called ‘Royal lighthouse villas’ cute and very spacious villas along the lagoon. Early on in the trip we realised it was so far from Patong fun, party, beach and activity scene and a lot of the guests were on the older side. So just a word of advise is, if you are looking for something a bit further out and more restful this is a great spot, it’s a bit secluded, and a bit of a drive to go out and a bout. This wasn’t practical for us because it was our first trip there and we wanted to do a lot of sightseeing  and more beach chilling, so transport cost became an issue for us. When I say far it would take about 35 mins drive in traffic to Patong beach and Bangla road, also the use of a cab or motorcycle taxi ( those were fun but scary when we would approach traffic or a very steep or slope area, that is a complete other story) constantly was just a bit much. We could have used the cash for more sightseeing instead of transport if we had known.

Me trying to deal with the heat I’m sure that day was over 35* C. Due to Thailands sub tropical climate it causes year round hot and humid conditions. I remember even during the rain it was still scorching hot at times, otherwise it would cool you down a bit but then the sun would come right back out. I am sure the temperature in the peak could go over 40* C.  Oh yea lol my hair had turned green ,not from the heat, but, bleached ends I dyed blue and basically the blue washed out and turned green.


This was the reception area for the Villas we were staying in (below image). Lovely place as mentioned peaceful and pretty but for a group of young fun goers nah.  The rooms in the villa were amazing, very spacious, large beds, spacious living area ,so points to them on that.  Next time also we would definitely book something with beach front views.  We booked the accommodation with dream vacation, so if I remember I think my brother mentioned the other resorts were fully booked, makes sense. The service at the resort was great, the food and drinks were on point and trust my favourite activity was ordering my favourite cocktail (Mojito) and chilling by the pool. That brings us into the discussion of food! yum


The picture with the sofa is not even the lounge it is the bedroom it was that big! Lovely


Chilling by the pool, No that was not Gluten free I cheated. It was so yum though, so it was worth it but I paid for it later.


Before my heavy tan! lol

The pool area was as peaceful in the evening after a long day of fun sightseeing, it was just amazing. Ooh and my Mojito !!! #potatoobsessed always


The food was so interesting I was never into Thai food before the trip (still not really into it)I just knew a bit about it. I was more into Chinese food and the only place in South Africa I knew served Thai food was Simply Asia. So basically it was a bit of a culture shock especially because I have the most complicated tummy with all my eating intolerances. However despite all of this I just embraced it, plus I love food even though it hates me.

Something random guys I’m not playing the Thai people seem to love fried chicken ( mmmh hm lol imma leave it at that) and even though I’m gluten intolerant I was still munching the chicken, I couldn’t help it, it was everywhere, one of the best street food cuisines. It was flaky, crispy and the best part was, sometimes it would be coated in a paprika spice whoa!  My ultimate favourite was this popcorn I got at one of their markets and I’m obsessed with popcorn (another obsession), my day ones know this. This popcorn was on another level that was the first time I ever tasted salty, buttery(yyy), caramel popcorn just imagine. I have managed to replicate this recipe and whenever I make it  it is always a hit! will consider posting the recipe. It is so simple, but just amazing, takes basic popcorn to the next level. I wish I took a picture of it in fact I should have taken a lot more photos but when I travel this year will be more conscious to do so for the blog posts.

The food I struggled with a bit were the soups there were a lot of them and they weren’t my fav. The one interesting soup was a steamed seafood soup. The street stall had fresh seafood on display, you choose the seafood you want and they prepare them steamed for the soup. The seafood we found out later was actually steamed separately and comes to life once added to the soup. I did enjoy this particular one because of the strong chilli and  ginger flavour, especially on my down groggy days, after heavy partying and flu symptoms from putting the ac on full blast. The street food at the markets is endless so many things I have never seen in my entire life it was crazy, that’s what I absolutely love about travelling experiencing the food and seeing all the different things.

Another thing I struggled with was the customer service, oh my word it was terrible. We got use to it eventually, you have to otherwise you can really get frustrated and who wants to get frustrated while on holiday? So you end up just going with the flow. I remember at this one restaurant we had stopped during a guided tour for lunch, we had about an hr and a half to walk around and eat. Thankfully there wasn’t much to see at that particular stop, just stunning views from a distance. So I was starving and decided to get a full meal. The size of the menu was so overwhelming, especially for such a small space, I remember thinking to myself how many people work in that kitchen. I think there were almost over 30 options, I’m not even playing and that was just starters and mains.  For some reason I order duck l’orange (why I ordered that? no idea I also think the orange sauce was made of Fanta! ha lol) my sister ordered something else I cant remember, but, I tell you that the drinks took ages and came at different times.  My sister got her food first and I waited another 30mins or more for mine lol. This was just a trend we noticed at the restaurants. We were one of the last few to finish eating within the tour group but we still managed to catch our transport and continue our beautiful scenic tour. So just a heads up, but otherwise as I said go with the flow .


The duck l’orange  with what I suspect is fanta orange sauce!


I got some pictures below of the crazy cool fruits, sweets , snacks, street food and more check it out. This was not even all of the food I ate during the trip, it is just the few I managed to take pictures of before devouring. In fact some of the images are just things I found at the night market and weekend market that I found interesting but didn’t even taste. So hey again check it out:


I actually don’t even know what that is lol, at least I can’t remember. It looks like a mix of Sushi with some stuff lol. I probably asked but didn’t quite understand what they were saying or vice versa.

Rose apple fruit, didn’t get to taste this but theres probably a good reason why, was probably stuffed to think of buying more things to eat at this point. Also along the street side there was a lot of fresh fruit on ice that we tried.


I can only tell you that the middle delicacy are chicken feet, this was actually not weird because I’m use to people eating chicken feet where I come from.


Just one of the soups we had. this soup was hot and sour, you could get the taste of ginger or galangal , lemon grass, dried chili peppers, and lime juice, usually with prawns (Tom yam kung) this is the seafood soup I mentioned earlier. We chose an array of seafood including , prawns, crab, octopus and more. It was actually quite yummy, very strong flavours. The seafood comes on the side. I was impressed and didn’t take too long either. We got this at one of the stalls at the night market.


part of the soup (above and below image) the steamed seafood, we chose clams, prawns, crab and more.


I need to watch a video on how to eat crab to get all the meat out.


one of the most delicious Fantas and we don’t have this flavour in South Africa , watermelon flavour, plus lol it went  so well with the flavoured vodka we got in duty free.


Just to name a few, dried frog so for South Africans out there it’s basically like a frog biltong, some worms and some other dried bugs. I was too weak to give it a try.


Squid (could be cuttlefish they belong to the same family) grilled  and grilled prawns (Kung yang/kung phao) on an open fire  traditionally a type of kap klaem “drinking food” this was all over the night market as well as other grilled snacks.

Mangosteen, now I’m like why didn’t I taste some stuff? looking  at the pictures but then I remember that we were always full and had tasted something else we had never tasted. So much to eat guys.

There was so much more food to try and discover the options were endless. Overall I really enjoyed the rice dishes and street food snacks. We ate a lot at the night markets, it was cost effective and really quick for when we needed something to eat to put a stop to hunger after a long day of sightseeing. I wish we had more time to discover more and go to the floating market etc but there just was not enough time. Overall Thailand is such a beautiful country there is lots to do, it’s not hard on the pocket but you definitely need to give yourself time to be able to do a lot of your sightseeing. This trip was just in Phuket but still there was a lot to see.

I will add a follow up to this post, I have a lot more to share on my Thailand adventures  for example my top 3 guided tours and top beaches. Make sure you guys stay posted! If you have visited Thailand,  then share, let me know of some of your adventures, what you enjoyed eating? what you enjoyed most about your stay?  etc. If you haven’t yet visited Thailand and it is definitely a part of your travel  plans, then I hope this blog post was insightful and interesting for you to read!


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