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It’s my birthday, 27



Birthday vibes 

So for those of you who know me I absolutely love my birthday. Even though in the South of Africa it falls within the winter season, so its always cold ( meaning I can’t be my nudist self, jokes) but I still just love the fact that it’s just my day. Plus in the near future I hope to be able to jet set away and spend my future birthdays on some tropical island somewhere. The only thing is as you start getting older you become more conscious about your age (duh). Because age equals thoughts like; what have I achieved? when will I achieve? when will this happen in my life? or have achieved enough? but you get my point. Sometimes you compare yourself to your peers, etc, etc and so forth, and life.

I remember in my early 20s I was like “oooh my gosh I swear when I hit 25 I will be 25 for the next 5 years (mentally) lol so technically I still feel as if I’m 25 but no this year I’m turning 27 (turned27). However with the years come all types of ups and downs that snap you back into reality, like, damn I’m getting older. So the older I’m getting I am also becoming more aware of taking time out to get to know and understand myself better also my body and health, especially because of my severe eating intolerances and allergies. Setting goals is become more important especially in trying to ensure that I stay proactive and stay achieving what I say I will (trying to beat laziness disguised as self doubt, story for another day). Another thing along the years that I find growing stronger is my spirituality yes at times its shaky but I still consider myself a very spiritual person and teach myself to appreciate the fact that God has granted me another year to be on this earth and to be a go getter. I have learnt to let go and let God (sometimes still hard). This is major because in life we can’t fight our battles alone, we need God to take centre stage and help us deal with certain obstacles. If you have done all you can or you know the situation is not in your hands what more can we do? Just let God guide you and put your faith in him because I believe he is never wrong and his way is perfect, meaning he is always working in our favour. Also cherish love, if you have that person that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Learn how to still let each other be individuals and grow and achieve goals be it together or alone so that you don’t suffocate your relationship.

So last year I shared 26 lessons I’ve learnt throughout my life. This year I thought I should just keep it short and simple and just share my reflections of the the year and life lessons leading to my birthday. I can not believe that we are basically in halfway through the year!


I will post a bomb video I did with @noni_her make up artist on the rise for a makeup tutorial for the look I decided to go for for my bday (of course I had too). Plus of course there’s some shades of pink in there coz we know fuchsia is my fav colour (grin). Check that out soon, plus less reading its a video. Checkout images below for this years birthday inspiration makeup artist @noni_her hooked me up and showed me how to achieve this look (Yass collaboration). My makeup skills were stuck in the 2000s we needed a revival. The full look, outfit and everyyyythin will be posted after my party which is also soon so stay posted, stay positive.




@noni_her @unblushing_by_kim My birthday party inspiration makeup. Had to have the hues of pink.


Thanks for reading,

xoxo Miss unblushing by Kim








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