Beauty in Simplicity

One of my favorite looks, I think it’s because of the effortless and laid back appearance of it all. It’s clean but still makes a statement, paired with my comfy vans (shout out to vans) that go well with absolutely everything, I mean annyyyyyything, it just finishes the look. Plus these are all basic essentials every girl has in her wardrobe, plain slogan white tee, black formal pant and if you don’t have this last item I am about to mention please ensure you find one, the oversized denim jacket. I love this jacket because it kind of has that I stole my boyfriends jacket feel but with feminine trims e.g floral embroidery or ribbon details giving it personality making it fun and adding a quirky feel. all items in this look besides the Vans are from Free2bu standalone stores and Edgars.